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(ASMV) Application-Specific Machine Vision

Specific application to solve a specific problem with an experienced solution. 

  • 3D Recognition and Meassurement

  • Color Clasification

  • Shape Clasification

  • Automated sorting line, volume and shape.

  • Bin-picking.

  • Robot vision guided for material handling.

  • Microscopes for automated metrology.

  • 3D reconstruction and 3D inspection.


General Purpose Machine Vision

Systems directed by the requirement of our clients, which include the design, assembly, installation and commissioning of the vision system that is suitable for inspecting:

  • Presence / absence of parts.

  • Location and identification of components by shape, size, color, position, etc.

  • Measurement, distance, volume, etc


ah-doc Machine Vision System, customized by requirement.

Please tell us more about your specific application and we can offer a solution!

Ask for availability and prices

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